About us

Flowinn is a brand that is in the tech scene since 2013. We create and develop integrated technological solutions through products and services that help our customers improve their businesses. We are a team of creative and innovative people.

Nowadays every organisation needs technology to enhance its competitive advantage. The ability to unify technology and processes in an organic way is the key factor for reaching that purpose. Our mission is to enhance growth, promote business development and increase efficiency to your business through the use of technology.

Areas of expertise

Flowinn works mainly in two distinct business areas: pharmaceutical distribution and production industry.

Our solutions in these areas focus mainly on business control, processes automation and value enhancement. We gather both advanced technology and Lean thought.


Our success formula


We look from different angles. Understand the different stakeholders of the project gathering the most information of the problem.


We go down to the root of the problem. Only this way we can define the (real) problem as is.


Brainstorming sessions take place in a short period of time to bring to the top the creative side of each team member. There are no wrong ideas. In the end we choose the best ideas.


The idea approved by the customer takes life. As a software house we develop our own projects with a team of genius people. We work in sprints for fast but reliable deliveries.


After technical and functional tests, the product is up for delivery. The customer indicates the date for the installation to take place and the delivery is made. Customer satisfaction accomplished and we are up to the next project!

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Funcionalidade de Junho: SAF-T envio de e-mail

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